Our Hero

Some may find me quiet. That is because I am always listening. It’s a trait that I admire in those who do it well. Listening comes naturally when you grow up in rural Indiana. I’m from Sunman, a close-knit community of cornfields and friendly folk. But my town was too small for my ambitions, so I was always looking for new things to capture my attention. Books, for my younger years, were my vehicles of inspiration, and I read as many as I could get my hands on. Much of my time was spent exploring the worlds of popular series, learning about the characters and their worlds, preferring their limitless potential over my own.

​In 2012, however, everything changed when I moved on to La Salle High School in Cincinnati. Here, I discovered an amazing new program, just starting to take off, called the Lasallian Scholars Institute. This program collected the greatest young minds of the area and brought them together under the leadership of Mr. Michael Holman. A simple classroom couldn’t contain this group, so they travelled to businesses throughout Cincinnati—businesses such as GE Aviation, Kroger, P&G, and Fifth Third Bank—touring, asking questions, and giving presentations on real-world problems. As a part of this group, I developed a strong interest in networking and a newfound respect for the world of business.   ​Now, in 2016, I have reached the University of Cincinnati, a place to build upon and explore these new interests, through networking events, clubs, and other organizations. I am working to meet everyone I can who is willing to share their experience, insights, and unique perspective on the world, to learn from them, and to share what I know.

What is your perspective? If you’re willing to share, I’m willing to listen. Just send me a message under the “Contact” tab.

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